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*Single player only pre-alpha demo

GUILT is a multiplayer third-person survival action RPG
 set in a gritty, dark fantasy world of bone and misery. Players will explore the seemingly endless Trail of Bones, fending off nightmarish threats and encountering other players at random. The game combines meaningful multiplayer interactions with deep roguelike gameplay into a deliciously dark cocktail of adventure, tension and emergent storytelling.

With GUILT, we wanted to explore dynamic multiplayer gameplay within an endlessly replayable procedural dungeon crawl. We want to force players to make tough decisions – whether to escape or explore, whether to co-operate or attack – in an action RPG experience they’ll never forget. We aim to combat the anti-social systems and patterns that are prevalent in many multiplayer games today.

GUILT is not a traditional party-based multiplayer RPG, nor is it just another randomly generated hack ‘n’ slash game. You will begin your journey alone, but through our dedicated server matchmaking system you will be paired with other adventurers traveling the same sinister path... Without any knowledge of their personal goals or motives. GUILT features fully open player vs player combat, as well as perma-death and severely limited meta-progression.

GUILT’s core minute-to-minute gameplay focuses on tight and responsive stamina-based combat. We love slower and more deliberate combat systems that utilize careful timing and positioning, but we also wanted to capture the accessible pacing of a “hack ‘n’ slash” game and the reflex-driven action of bullet-hell shoot 'em ups. 

Our goal is to have a wide variety range of weapons with “easy to learn, difficult to master” move sets, rather than a small selection of over-complicated weapons. This, in conjunction with a customisable magic system, will create synergy with the procedurally generated and dynamic elements to form a combat experience that is always surprising and engaging.


GUILT Pre-Alpha Demo 240 MB


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Looks promising.  I like the feel where it's a cross between Dark Souls' deliberate combat with a Diablo style presentation.


Played your game in a video, Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 10:35 can't wait to see what you make of this!


Gave it a go...

lol nice


Is there a multiplayer mode?


This demo does not have multiplayer, but the full game will. You can also pledge on Kickstarter to gain access to our pre-alpha multiplayer tests. Thanks for playing!

Where can I download the full game and how can I get magic?

I can't find magic but the game is really cool and I want to do a combo move

The game will be releasing for early access sometime late this year. We're currently working on a magic system for the next update!